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[Life with Marianna] Ashley Tisdale on Managing Anxiety & Building an Authentic Brand

Written by Erika on November 25 2022

From being an actress & singer at an early age, we’ve all been able to watch Ashley Tisdale grow up and evolve over the years. Today, Ashley describes how she entered the wellness space authentically with her company, Frenshe. She shares what inspired the company, how she picked her dream retailer and why this brand is true to who she is. Ashley explains how she had to push through a past failure to launch Frenshe and what she’s done over the years to manage her anxiety and find her own voice.

Pretty Basic Podcast

Written by Erika on November 23 2022

Listen to the Pretty Basic podcast where Ashley talks about her mental health journey, her blog and Target product line (Frenshe, Being Frenshe), her experiences with motherhood, and so much more.

Beauty Inside & Out: Ashley Tisdale [Marie Claire]

Written by Erika on November 20 2022

Sharpay Evans by day, “grandma” by night. At least that’s how the story went according to Ashley Tisdale. “My friends would call me a grandma when I was in my twenties, because I was someone who worked a lot and obviously had a lot going on in that time of my life. So I, to be honest, would never really go out go out. I would just hang out and watch tv—that was my type of self-care back then,” the actress tells Marie Claire. While “grandmas are cool” and binging 24 is a stellar use of time in our book, it’s natural for self-care routines to evolve. Fast forward through more acting roles, the birth of her daughter, and the start of her wellness website, and Tisdale’s me-time rituals now look a little different.

Mornings start at 6 a.m. with meditation and nighttimes end with spa-grade baths, both of which are made easier by Tisdale’s new Target-exclusive line, Being Frenshe. “My job is to take baths and take showers and indulge in self-care,” the High School Musical alum jokes. Of course, there’s also the marketing and less-glamorous day-to-day activities that come with running a business. But it’s all about balance, right? Here, Tisdale breaks down the habits, beauty products, and foods that keep her level-headed.

Inner Beauty

Early Morning Meditations

Because I struggle with anxiety, I know I always need to be on top of my self-care, not just for myself, but for my daughter. I don’t ever want to be anxious around her or put my anxiety on her. I really make an effort to wake up early in the morning and meditate before I even grab her when she wakes up. When I’m feeling a little funky, I just acknowledge that I’m feeling that way and that that’s okay. I have tools to help myself and sometimes that means doing an extra meditation that day. I have a lot that I do and a lot going on, so it can be stressful. When I’m in a state of [being] overwhelm[ed], I can quickly say, Okay, maybe instead of doing just one meditation today, I’ll do two. Paying attention to those feelings and not being scared of them is what has helped me the most. continue reading

2 Lies & A Leaf

Written by Erika on November 16 2022

Disney’s Ashley Tisdale & her sister, Jennifer Tisdale discover an unbelievable connection to one of Ashley’s co-stars! Through some fun, friendly competition, which Tisdale knows more about their family tree? Find out on this episode of 2 Lies & A Leaf®.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Cat-mas Spectacular

Written by Erika on November 14 2022

Ashley and her one-year-old daughter Jupiter Iris French attended Gabby’s Dollhouse Cat-mas Spectacular at Second Home Hollywood in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 13. Ashley was stylish in an oversized camel coat, grey slacks and black boots while her Jupiter rocked a black leather jacket over a white tulle dress and sparkly silver shoes.


Mucinex Fast-Max `Missing Booth` Pop-Up

Written by Erika on November 11 2022

I’m adding an older news item that I only found out today. Ashley visited the Mucinex Fast-Max `Missing Booth` Pop-Up On Santa Monica Pier on October 23, 2022.

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SHEGLAM’s Glam House Pop-Up

Written by Erika on November 11 2022

Ashley hosted SHEGLAM’s Glam House Pop-Up last night, November 10th, in West Hollywood. SHEGLAM is the next generation of premium quality makeup for all, without the premium price tag.

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Ashley Tisdale to star in CBS comedy titled Brutally Honest

Written by Erika on November 11 2022

Ashley Tisdale will star in a comedy for CBS loosely based on the life of the High School Musical star. The comedy explores how having a baby can ruin, save, change, destroy and inspire your marriage … all before lunch.

The network has moved the single-camera comedy Brutally Honest into development with Ashley, also serving as an executive producer, according to an article on Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter.

Brutally Honest brings Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern back to CBS after the longtime writing duo delivered Patricia Heaton comedy Carol’s Second Act to the network.

Mini Magazine Fall Issue

Written by Erika on November 06 2022

Ashley is on the cover of the Mini Magazine Fall Issue. She talks life with 18-month-old daughter Jupiter, her blissful birth experience, surprising fourth trimester, and the wildly successful launch of her new wellness line, Being Frenshe.

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I know I’m not the person I’m used to be, but who is this new person?

You can find the entire interview with Ashley in our gallery as well as new photos for the magazine by Kimberly Genevieve.

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Ashley Tisdale: I Struggled to Navigate My Anxiety for Years—Now I’m Committed to Helping Others

Written by Erika on October 09 2022

Ashley spoke to Cosmopolitan about her struggle with anxiety.

The actress’s new lifestyle and wellness platform, Frenshe, was created with self-care in mind.

I started having panic attacks before I even knew there was a word for that overwhelming feeling. My panic became all-consuming during my mid-20s, and it would regularly hit me in the moments before a performance. One time, when I was 24, I was prepping for a soundcheck in Italy when I realized I couldn’t catch my breath. I was about to perform live for millions on TRL, and while I couldn’t hear the band, I could hear the beating of my heart in my chest. I’ve always had what I would describe as “a steady dose of anxiety” my entire life.

I’ve been in show business since I was three years old. In the three decades since the start of my career, I’ve learned that being an actress comes with its fair share of pressure. And there were plenty of times during my teens and early 20s when the pressure would get to be too much. Sometimes my anxiety would spike before a red carpet event or an afterparty, and I would simply freak out and bail. I just couldn’t bring myself to go. continue reading

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