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    Ashley Tisdale recently became a mom for the first time when she welcomed baby Jupiter back in March. Gibson Johns interviews the singer, actress and lifestyle blogger all about her newfound motherhood, navigating pressure around raising her daughter in the public eye, breastfeeding and the products she uses. They also discuss introducing Jupiter to friend and former "High School Musical" co-star Vanessa Hudgens, what it's like seeing the continuation of the "HSM" brand into the streaming era and whether or not she has any advice for the current slate of Disney stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett.
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    Ashley Tisdale has been on our radar for more than 15 years. She first became a household name with her “High School Musical” breakout role and over the years Ashley’s career has continued to blossom. Ashley sits down with “Tamron Hall” to talk about hosting the new season of “The Masked Dancer”, her Hollywood journey, and more.
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    Ashley Tisdale can't wait for her little girl to arrive! "The Masked Dancer" panelist, who is seven months pregnant with her and husband Christopher French’s first child, told Access Daily's Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover that she and her man got a head start on picking out baby names. "She was named before she even came. We thought of the name last year, actually," she revealed. Ashley also revealed her strongest pregnancy cravings and reflected on what it was like to dress her growing bump for "The Masked Dancer." Plus, the Frenshe founder gushed over the excitement of getting to judge a reality competition for the first time! "The Masked Dancer" airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.
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    Ashley Tisdale revealed to Access Live's Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover that the outpouring of love, support and understanding after she released her song "Voices In My Head" has been overwhelming. The song, which talks about her battle with anxiety and depression, has been particularly meaningful to many fans and she said she is just overcome with emotion knowing that so many fans loved the message.
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    We made it through another holiday season! We'll drink to that... and so will Ashley Tisdale. On today's episode of #ThirstTrap, the "Merry Happy Whatever" star talks a Christmas dinner disaster, her worst on-screen kiss (hey Zac Efron!), and reminisces on her Disney days.
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    James asks his guests Ashley Tisdale and Taran Killiam if they've known each other a long time and finds out that just before the show, the two realized they had gone to a theme park more than 15 years ago. And James asks Ashley about the theme park perks that came with being a Disney star, and learns they were aplenty.
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    Ashley Tisdale sat down with Jaclyn Johnson, Create & Cultivate’s CEO and Founder, during their Future You Festival to talk about everything