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goodnest Presents ‘Better for Baby’

Written by Erika on April 30 2022

Ashley Tisdale came to support goodnest, a new and innovative sustainable baby care brand, on Wednesday, April 27th in New York City. goodnest introduced the first-ever reusable silicone baby wash bottles with gentle 3-in-1 dissolvable tablets and refillable baby balm and on-the-go magic wash sheets to eliminate water waste, single-use plastics, and promote more environmentally balanced parenting practices. Sustainability supporters and new parents, Ashley Tisdale along with Tan France (Netflix’s Queer Eye), have partnered with the brand and campaign to encourage parents to rethink their approach to clean.

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“As a mom, I want the very best for my baby while also doing my part to cut down on the ever-growing concern of plastic waste,” says Tisdale. “goodnest delivers on both and I’m honored to help educate parents on how we can do better for our little loved ones with small but significant changes.”

Tour the Los Angeles Family Home That Ashley Tisdale Designed for Herself

Written by Erika on March 30 2022

Ashley gave an exclusive peek inside the modern property she shares with her family. They moved into the house when she was seven months pregnant.


When Ashley Tisdale first revealed her baby’s nursery on Instagram, the room was decidedly minimalist with its white walls, white rug, and streamlined wood crib from Kalon Studios. The singular piece of art by Stella Maria Baer perfectly echoed her daughter’s celestial name, Jupiter. But now that Jupiter has been exploring Earth for an entire year, her surroundings look very different, thanks to dark green paint and a patterned pink rug. “I started to get to know her, and I was like, okay, this is a little bit too vanilla-y for her. We need to pump up the funkiness because she just has a cool, fun personality,” Tisdale says. “I think she has a design eye to be honest.” Without diving too far into the science of talking to your baby in utero, this makes total sense. After all, Tisdale and her composer husband Christopher French moved into their current home when she was around seven months pregnant, at which point the High School Musical alum dove headfirst into decorating. The talented Tisdale was well prepared for the undertaking, considering she launched her design passion project, Frenshe Interiors, last year.

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An aesthete who has worked with AD100 talents like Jake Arnold and Pierce & Ward on past homes, and who also enrolled herself in Kelly Wearstler’s Masterclass, Tisdale had never furnished an entire house by herself. Nonetheless, she felt up to the challenge after successfully tackling an extensive kitchen remodel with her contractor father for her previous home in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. continue reading

Ashley Tisdale’s Guide to Mood-Boosting Skin Care and Makeup

Written by Erika on March 21 2022

Ashley Tisdale explains how she eases her anxiety through skin care in this video for VOGUE.

Koolaburra By UGG x Frenshe Women’s Day Brunch

Written by Erika on March 09 2022

Ashley hosted a special brunch by Koolaburra By UGG and Frenshe on Women’s Day on Tuesday (March 08). Her guest list included a range of female founders, including Jessi Malay, Julia Vaughn and Jill Wallace. It’s great to see our girl in society again.

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Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM’s “House Of Gucci”

Written by Erika on November 19 2021

What a nice surprise! After almost two years since last Ashley’s public appearance, she attented the Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM’s “House Of Gucci“. She was wearing the iconic ‘GG’ belt around the waist of her black pinstripe suit jacket.

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Written by Erika on October 14 2021

How Ashley Tisdale Would React to House of Ashes in Real Life

Ashley Tisdale Says Moms Need to Stop Feeling Guilty Over Baby Feeding

Written by Erika on October 08 2021

“Don’t feel guilty. The biggest thing for me was just having a great experience feeding. That’s the most important, no matter how it is.”

Actress Ashley Tisdale and her husband, musician Christopher French, welcomed their daughter Jupiter Iris French a little over six months ago in March 2021. Since then, the new parents have been enjoying their bundle of joy, watching Jupiter grow and celebrating her milestones—but it hasn’t all been easy. In recent weeks, Tisdale has opened up about how challenging the postpartum and breastfeeding periods were for her—and believes new moms need to stop feeling guilty about their journeys.

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(I have added 6 new photos for Enfamil to the gallery.)

“I had difficulty breastfeeding, so that didn’t really work out,” Tisdale tells The Bump, whose app she used throughout her pregnancy. She adds that she felt grateful there were plenty of other options out there, including her preferred formula of choice, Enfamil Enspire, which she has now partnered with. “She’s on Enfamil’s Enspire, and it’s the closest formula to breastmilk. She gets all of her nutrients and everything she needs for development,” she explains. “There’s definitely those moments we’re like, ‘What am I going to do?’ But then you’re like, ‘Okay, I’ve got this.’ … I feel like we’ve kind of already found a little bit of our footing, but I’m sure things will change again.”

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Interview with Ashley Tisdale

Written by Erika on September 29 2021

From comedy to horror – in Part 1 of this exclusive interview, Ashley Tisdale talks about her experience playing Rachel King in House of Ashes.

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French on the most unexpected challenges of having a newborn and what they wish someone told them

Written by Erika on August 03 2021

Listen to the Ashley’s interview with Meaning Full Living

Today, we’re talking to new parents Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French. The actress, singer, dancer, influencer, and Founder of Frenshe and Frenshe Interiors welcomed her first child in March with her husband Chris, a composer and multi-instrumentalist. The two get candid about having a newborn, the most surprising parts of having an infant, how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and what they wish they knew before becoming parents. 


Ashley Tisdale Is Ready To Bring Back That 2000s Pop Vibe As A Cool Mom

Written by Erika on August 03 2021

Ashley Tisdale’s life has changed a lot since you last checked in on her. For one, she’s a new mom. Tisdale and husband Christopher French welcomed their first child, daughter Jupiter Iris French, in March. Now, Jupiter is running her world — fitting for a child who shares her name with the biggest planet in the universe — all while she’s contemplating another music comeback and working on Fox’s The Masked Dancer. “Before, obviously, I could just do my own thing,” the High School Musical alum tells Bustle. “But now, my schedule really revolves around her.”

If it feels weird as a fan seeing Sharpay Evans as a mom, imagine how it feels for Tisdale’s friends, who rarely saw her pregnant due to to the star locking herself in during the COVID-19 pandemic. “To kind of go from that to like, ‘I have a baby!’ It’s so crazy for people,” she says, laughing. This made their reunions even sweeter, particularly when it came to her HSM co-star and longtime BFF Vanessa Hudgens, whom Jupiter embraced when they met for the first time.

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