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Ashley Tisdale welcomes first baby

Written by admin on March 24 2021

Ashley announced that she successfully welcomed her daughter on Instagram, where she posted a stunning black and white photo of her little girl’s teensy hand holding onto her finger. Ashley also used the post to share her daughter’s celestial name with her followers: “Jupiter Iris French arrived earth side 3.23.21,” Ashley wrote.

Stopping by the Erth Bar for a smoothie

Written by admin on March 11 2021

Ashley stopped by the Erth Bar for a smoothie after a Doctor’s visit in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (March 10).  She was covering her baby bump in a black-and-white tie-dye sweats combo. Check out the gallery for more than 20 photos of pregnant Ashley.

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Getting rid of unwanted items

Written by admin on March 10 2021

Very pregnant Ashley Tisdale was seen paying 1-800-GOT-JUNK? after getting rid of unwanted items from her house on Wednesday (March 09). She was wearing a warm cream-colored sweatsuit with Gucci mules, a black face mask, and black gloves on her hands.

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Lunch time with mother

Written by admin on March 07 2021

Pregnant Ashley and her mom Lisa were seen on Saturday (March 06) spending some time together in Los Angeles. Two ladies were spotted on their way to lunch. Ashley was wearing a black maxi dress with long sleeves and a Louis Vuitton cross-body bag. She also was wearing two face masks, one black, one white, to provide extra protection.

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Later that day, Ashley was seen visited a storage locker in Los Angeles.

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Coffee run in Los Feliz

Written by admin on February 28 2021

Ashley was seen on Saturday (February 27) while making a coffee run in Los Feliz. She was wearing two face masks and a long white dress.

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West Hollywood errand run

Written by admin on February 11 2021

Pregnant Ashley Tisdale covered her baby bump in a long black dress during West Hollywood errand run on Wednesday, February 10. Mom-to-be was seen heading to a shop for some stuff. Later that day, Ashley picked up a food-to-go for her and her husband. 

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Solo outing in Los Angeles

Written by admin on February 04 2021

Pregnant Ashley was seen enjoying her solo outing in Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 03. Ashley was wearing a grey and white printed jumper along with a pair of matching tracksuit bottoms.

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Frenshe Virtual Refresh Day3

Written by admin on February 03 2021

It’s Wednesday and that means there is time for the next Frenshe Virtual Refresh video. This time Ashley invited Maxine Goynes to talk about her philosophy around mindset and movement, and a home-friendly bodyweight workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

Frenshe Virtual Refresh Day 2

Written by admin on February 03 2021

If you have a list of goals or daydreams you’re struggling to bring to life, To be Magnetic is here to help. Lacy Phillips is breaking down the basics of manifestation and how to start right now to create the life you want.

Frenshe Virtual Refresh Day 1

Written by admin on February 02 2021

Ashley Tisdale went online with Joanna Vargas of Joanna Vargas Skin Care to share her favorite products and techniques to get the perfect at-home facial experience during Frenshe Virtual Refresh.

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