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Pretty Basic Podcast

Written by Erika on November 23 2022

Listen to the Pretty Basic podcast where Ashley talks about her mental health journey, her blog and Target product line (Frenshe, Being Frenshe), her experiences with motherhood, and so much more.

2 Lies & A Leaf

Written by Erika on November 16 2022

Disney’s Ashley Tisdale & her sister, Jennifer Tisdale discover an unbelievable connection to one of Ashley’s co-stars! Through some fun, friendly competition, which Tisdale knows more about their family tree? Find out on this episode of 2 Lies & A Leaf®.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Cat-mas Spectacular

Written by Erika on November 14 2022

Ashley and her one-year-old daughter Jupiter Iris French attended Gabby’s Dollhouse Cat-mas Spectacular at Second Home Hollywood in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 13. Ashley was stylish in an oversized camel coat, grey slacks and black boots while her Jupiter rocked a black leather jacket over a white tulle dress and sparkly silver shoes.


Mini Magazine Fall Issue

Written by Erika on November 06 2022

Ashley is on the cover of the Mini Magazine Fall Issue. She talks life with 18-month-old daughter Jupiter, her blissful birth experience, surprising fourth trimester, and the wildly successful launch of her new wellness line, Being Frenshe.

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I know I’m not the person I’m used to be, but who is this new person?

You can find the entire interview with Ashley in our gallery as well as new photos for the magazine by Kimberly Genevieve.

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Who What Wear – Ashley Tisdale on Her Everyday Makeup Routine, TikTok Trends, & More

Written by Erika on September 15 2022

In this video, Ashley talks about her wellness essentials line, Frenshe.

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Ashley Tisdale’s Skincare Routine & Her Grandma’s Best Tips | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Written by Erika on September 07 2022

Ashley Tisdale is radiant from the inside out, thanks to her nighttime skincare routine that nourishes her mental and physical health. Ashley’s new company, ‘Being Frenshe,’ is all about self-care, and she tells us her favorite before-bed rituals exclusively with Harper’s BAZAAR. Watch along to find out Ashley’s holy-grail products, what soothes her anxiety, and more on this episode of ‘Go To Bed With Me.’

Ashley Tisdale’s Guide to Mood-Boosting Skin Care and Makeup

Written by Erika on March 21 2022

Ashley Tisdale explains how she eases her anxiety through skin care in this video for VOGUE.


Written by Erika on October 14 2021

How Ashley Tisdale Would React to House of Ashes in Real Life

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Interview with Ashley Tisdale

Written by Erika on September 29 2021

From comedy to horror – in Part 1 of this exclusive interview, Ashley Tisdale talks about her experience playing Rachel King in House of Ashes.

He Said She Said Music Video – Chris Applebaum Version

Written by Erika on July 18 2021

Do you remember behind the scenes photos from alternative video for Ashley’s singel He Said She Said? Chris Applebaum, the director of the original music video, set polaroids of Ashley’s wardrobe fitting and music video stills from his video of He Said She Said to auction. By bidding at least $500 you can get the set of 11 polaroids and 8 stills from Ashley’s music video. Later, Chris shared 8 stills on his Instagram so you can see all of them  in our gallery

001.png 002.png 005.png 008.png

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And that’s not all! Chris also posted a video from the shoot. This is a deleted scene from her Headstrong Documentary that came out in 2007. Later got scrapped because Disney said it was too mature for a Disney star. And that’s why the music video was filmed again.

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