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Mini Magazine Fall Issue

Written by Erika on November 06 2022

Ashley is on the cover of the Mini Magazine Fall Issue. She talks life with 18-month-old daughter Jupiter, her blissful birth experience, surprising fourth trimester, and the wildly successful launch of her new wellness line, Being Frenshe.

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I know I’m not the person I’m used to be, but who is this new person?

You can find the entire interview with Ashley in our gallery as well as new photos for the magazine by Kimberly Genevieve.

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Tour the Los Angeles Family Home That Ashley Tisdale Designed for Herself

Written by Erika on March 30 2022

Ashley gave an exclusive peek inside the modern property she shares with her family. They moved into the house when she was seven months pregnant.


When Ashley Tisdale first revealed her baby’s nursery on Instagram, the room was decidedly minimalist with its white walls, white rug, and streamlined wood crib from Kalon Studios. The singular piece of art by Stella Maria Baer perfectly echoed her daughter’s celestial name, Jupiter. But now that Jupiter has been exploring Earth for an entire year, her surroundings look very different, thanks to dark green paint and a patterned pink rug. “I started to get to know her, and I was like, okay, this is a little bit too vanilla-y for her. We need to pump up the funkiness because she just has a cool, fun personality,” Tisdale says. “I think she has a design eye to be honest.” Without diving too far into the science of talking to your baby in utero, this makes total sense. After all, Tisdale and her composer husband Christopher French moved into their current home when she was around seven months pregnant, at which point the High School Musical alum dove headfirst into decorating. The talented Tisdale was well prepared for the undertaking, considering she launched her design passion project, Frenshe Interiors, last year.

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An aesthete who has worked with AD100 talents like Jake Arnold and Pierce & Ward on past homes, and who also enrolled herself in Kelly Wearstler’s Masterclass, Tisdale had never furnished an entire house by herself. Nonetheless, she felt up to the challenge after successfully tackling an extensive kitchen remodel with her contractor father for her previous home in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. continue reading

Photoshoot update – JJ Reddington for Buzzfeed

Written by Erika on January 05 2021

Do you remember Ashley’s photoshoot for Buzzfeed from December 3, 2019? I have added some new photos. Check them out in our gallery!

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Sbjct Journal September 2020

Written by Erika on September 25 2020

I am here with a brand new photoshoot of Ashley for Photos were taken by Swedish photographer Christian Högstedt and are incredibly beautiful. Hair was done by Bridget Brager, who also worked with Ashley to create hairstyles for Mane Addicts.

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