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July 13 – Getting a workout at Rise Nation gym in West Hollywood

Written by admin on July 18 2021

Ashley Tisdale looks thrilled to be back at the gym and working out. The new mama was seen getting a workout with a medicine ball at Rise Nation gym in West Hollywood on Tuesday (July 13).

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Out in Los Angeles

Written by admin on May 27 2021

Ashley was seen out and about in Los Angeles this Thursday (May 25). She was wearing a denim romper with a white T-shirt, accessorizing with a red cross-body bag.

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Out for an iced coffee with Ziggy Stardust

Written by admin on May 23 2021

Ashley Tisdale was spotted stepping out in Los Angeles for a leggy stroll and a cup of iced coffee last week on Saturday (May 15). Ashley was cradling her beloved dog Ziggy Stardust.

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Going legs out with pair of daisy dukes!

Written by admin on May 06 2021

Ashley was seen on Wednesday (May 5) out for coffee in Los Feliz. She was wearing a bleached oversized jean jacket and a pair of distressed daisy dukes.

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Enjoying the first hike after becoming a mother

Written by admin on April 16 2021

Ashley Tisdale went on the first hike after becoming a mother this Wednesday (April 14) in Los Feliz.  Wearing a cozy-looking brown hoodie and a pair of leggings she walked through beautiful nature and breathed fresh air.

‘I did it!’ Ashley wrote in a caption of the picture. ‘First hike back and I did a legit victory dance. I was literally dancing on my own. Not because I’m back to working out but because this time at the top I realized how powerful and strong I am. I delivered a fucking baby, my body has changed my mind has changed and I feel fucking powerful.’

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Enjoying a day at the park

Written by admin on April 09 2021

Ashley, Chris, and their newborn daughter Jupiter were seen enjoying their day at the park on Wednesday (April 7) in Los Feliz. They were circling the park several times with their dogs, then they returned to their parked vehicle. The couple was spotted out for the first time with their newborn. 

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Stopping by the Erth Bar for a smoothie

Written by admin on March 11 2021

Ashley stopped by the Erth Bar for a smoothie after a Doctor’s visit in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (March 10).  She was covering her baby bump in a black-and-white tie-dye sweats combo. Check out the gallery for more than 20 photos of pregnant Ashley.

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Getting rid of unwanted items

Written by admin on March 10 2021

Very pregnant Ashley Tisdale was seen paying 1-800-GOT-JUNK? after getting rid of unwanted items from her house on Wednesday (March 09). She was wearing a warm cream-colored sweatsuit with Gucci mules, a black face mask, and black gloves on her hands.

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Lunch time with mother

Written by admin on March 07 2021

Pregnant Ashley and her mom Lisa were seen on Saturday (March 06) spending some time together in Los Angeles. Two ladies were spotted on their way to lunch. Ashley was wearing a black maxi dress with long sleeves and a Louis Vuitton cross-body bag. She also was wearing two face masks, one black, one white, to provide extra protection.

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Later that day, Ashley was seen visited a storage locker in Los Angeles.

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Coffee run in Los Feliz

Written by admin on February 28 2021

Ashley was seen on Saturday (February 27) while making a coffee run in Los Feliz. She was wearing two face masks and a long white dress.

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